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kybun AG supports the Swiss non-profit organisation Casa Girasol in Honduras. As part of the one-year project, 13 girls will be given a safe home and training.


The organisation Casa Girasol, active in Honduras, Central America, has been working for street and home children since 2006, with the goal of giving children hope, love and a new home on a Christian basis and sustainably improving their lives through education.


Thanks to the support of kybun AG, the following two phases of the project "Las Flores" can be realised:

Phase I: A new home



In Honduras, everyday life is strongly influenced by the high level of gang crime. People suffer under the influence of very dangerous youth gangs. Squatting, protection claims, abductions, drug trafficking and forced prostitution are part of the daily routine.


In October 2017, several incidents occurred in the children's home Las Flores, where 13 girls (aged 7 to 17 years) lived. Due to the acute threat, the previous home had to be abandoned. The children and carers found shelter in Casa Girasol. They can stay there until a suitable home can be found.


Project goal:


Thanks to the support of kybun AG, Casa Girasol can finance the extra work and hire another carer to accompany the traumatised girls, who for security reasons cannot attend school for the time being and therefore need additional support at Casa Girasol.

Phase II: Building a pottery workshop



It has been planned for some time to set up a pottery workshop for the children and adolescents in the children's home Las Flores. Thanks to the creative energy, this should provide the girls with a meaningful occupation and offer further support in the healing process of their traumas and depressions. In addition to the therapeutic benefits, the pottery workshop should also serve to facilitate practical vocational training. From the processing of the clay to the burning and the painting, the girls will be able to master all the work steps and creatively decorate and paint the products (plates, cups or flower vases).


Project goal:


The kybun AG provides start-up funding for the pottery workshop. After a year, this should be self-supporting and finance itself by selling the produced products. Thanks to a one-off contribution, a sustainable project with long-term benefits for the girls can be launched.

More Information and contact:

If you have any questions about this kybun project, you are welcome to contact:


General Director Casa Girasol in Honduras: Alexander Blum =>


Project Coordinator kybun: Richard Baumgartner =>


Further information on Casa Girasol's commitment can be found at (website in German).

Info Box:

Casa Girasol…

  • Founded in 2016 and is recognised as a non-profit organisation by the Swiss and Honduran Government

  • is committed to street and homeless children in Honduras on a Christian basis

  • organises life-changing camps for homeless children
  • visits children's homes every day as part of the children's programs and organises workshops
  • finances part of the running costs of the children's home Diamante with 47 street boys
  • organises short-term assignments and work camps